Monday, September 26, 2016

Hot pink / magenta large doily

This one also came from German Crochet Magazine, I think it is filethakeln, I like this unusual design,
made with size 10 vibrant pink fuschia colored thread. it is 18 inches

Hand Crochet lace doily, table center,  made by Demet, bright pink/magenta/fuschia very good looking, ships free in the U.S. table center

Bright yellow doily

Doily from German crochet magazine, I made it with yellow thread, 12 inch, looks very pretty

Crochet lace doily, table decor,  made by Demet, bright yellow, soo good doily, ships free in the U.S. table center

Monday, September 5, 2016

I made this coasters in several colors, I like the triangle shape of them,
They are 8 inches, size 10 thread used, pattern came from internet~

Hand crochet, fabulous  coaster doilies, set of 6, new, ready to mail

Black and Coral Doily

I tried to use bold color for this one, original was in white

16 inches, size 10 threads.

New, Crochet, table decor, lace doily, made by Demet, black and coral color, fabulous looking, ships free in the U.S. table center

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Green cottage style table center

I made this one by using two, size 10 green strand together and it became very nice

It is 22.5 inches